Problem with ThinkPad 600 batteries

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Information about the problem of early dying batteries on ThinkPads of the 600 series.

Problem description

The charge indicator falls from some still quite high (between 50% and 95%) charge state to 5%. This happens only on batteries which have gone through some recharging cycles already.

Affected Models

Affected Operating Systems

  • all



  • That page notes that a firmware update whose changelog entry mentions "optimizing battery recharging" might help to correct the problem, on the theory that this update disables charging when the battery is fully charged and the laptop is using mains power. With any luck the firmware update is on most Thinkpads by now.
  • Samiam: I did not have problems with the battery until I left it in a laptop which was plugged in all of the time; both of my batteries went from being able to hold a charge from one hour to being able to only hold a charge for about five minutes.
  • It is the impression of some users that the batteries perform better if they are never charged while the computer is on. The area around the battery gets quite hot while using the laptop. Charging the battery at that temperature seems to be a bad idea.
  • More a way of circumvention than an actual solution is to buy an external battery pack.
  • I have had excellent success with a refurbished battery from (which I only recharge while the laptop is off).

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