Problem with ThinkPad 600 batteries

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Information about the problem of early dying batteries on Thinkpads of the 600 series.

Problem description

The charge indicator falls from some still quite high (between 50% and 95%) charge state to 5%. This happens only on batteries which have gone through some recharging cycles already.

Affected Models

  • Thinkpad 600, 600E, 600X

Affected Operating Systems

  • all


  • Raph Levien has collected comprehensive information about this phenomena and possible solutions in 2002 on this page:
  • Another possible solution is to buy an external battery pack.


See this page:

It has been the experience of some users, including myself, that the batteries perform far better if you _never_ charge the battery while the computer is on. The area around the battery gets quite hot while using the laptop. Charging the battery at that temperature seems to be a bad idea.