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|'''DDR2 type'''
|'''DDR type'''
|'''Individual / Single-Pack<br>Option Marketing Part Number'''
|'''Individual / Single-Pack<br>Option Marketing Part Number'''
|'''25-Pack Option<br>Marketing Part Number'''
|'''25-Pack Option<br>Marketing Part Number'''

Latest revision as of 14:22, 3 May 2020

As PC2100 is getting increasingly difficult to acquire, PC3200 can be used instead. Using PC3200 may or may not increase the performance of your model, as some models may underclock it to their respective original DRAM speeds.


This is DDR SDRAM at 266 MT/s in a 200-pin SO-DIMM form-factor. DDR266 may also be interchangeably referred to as PC2100.


Available DRAM modules from Lenovo

DDR type Individual / Single-Pack
Option Marketing Part Number
25-Pack Option
Marketing Part Number
Field Replacement Unit
(FRU) Service Part Number
Non-ECC, unbuffered 1Rx8 128MB PC2100 CL2.5 10K0028 N/A 10K0029
Non-ECC, unbuffered 1Rx8 256MB PC2100 CL2.5 10K0030 N/A 10K0031
Non-ECC, unbuffered 2Rx8 512MB PC2100 CL2.5 10K0032 N/A 10K0033
Non-ECC, unbuffered 2Rx8 1GB PC2100 CL2.5 10K0034 N/A 10K0035

Models that support this technology

Models Soldered
on motherboard
Slot 1
Slot 2
A31, A31p N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 2GB1
T30, T40, T40p N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 2GB1
X31 N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 2GB1
R40e N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 1GB2
R32, R40 N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 2GB1
G40 N/A Occupied Depends 1GB 2GB1

  1. Attained via two 2Rx8 1GB DDR non-ECC SO-UDIMMs, not possible with 1Rx8 1GB DDR non-ECC SO-UDIMMs. (if they exist)
  2. The Radeon IGP 330M graphics+memory controller is incapable of using DRAM modules utilizing 64MB chips, which means it's stuck with 32MB-based DRAM modules. Therefore, only low-density DRAM modules such as a 2Rx8 512MB DDR non-ECC SO-UDIMM will work.

Available DRAM modules from other companies

Manufacturer Partnumber Description Tested on model