NVIDIA Quadro 2000M

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This is a NVidia Video Controller equipped with the Optimus Technology.


  • Chipset: NVidia GF106GLM
  • PCI ID: 10de:0dda
  • 2048 MB video memory (128-bit DDR3)
  • Memory Bandwidth: 28.8 GB/sec.
  • PCI-E: Gen.2
  • Max Power Consumption, TGP: 55W
  • Display Port: 1.1
  • Precision: FP32
  • 192 CUDA cores

Linux driver - OpenSource

nouveau is the Open Source driver for nVidia cards. The "most recommended" way to install nouveau is through your distribution-provided packages, though you can install from source. For more details about the project, as well as ongoing development, see the project's website or your distribution's wiki pages.

The Quadro 2000M GPU is based on the Fermi architecture; Linux kernel 3.1 or newer is recommended for optimum support by the nouveau driver.

Linux driver - Proprietary

This chip may be found in