Mini-PCI Modem card

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Mini-PCI Modem card

This is a Mini-PCI Modem Adapter that is installed in a Mini-PCI slot.


  • Chipset: Ambit (formerly Lucent Microelectronics) Softmodem
  • PCI ID: 11c1:0449

IBM Part numbers

IBM FRU PN: 08K3251, 08K3252, 08K3338, 08K3383, 08K3429, 08K4852, 08K4853, 08K4855, 91P7659
IBM FRU PN (390X): 10L1296
IBM FRU PN (570/E): 08K3412

Also known (in IBM literature) as....

  • Mini PCI modem card (Ambit)
  • Mini PCI modem card (IBM CR)
  • Mini PCI modem card (M2) (IBM)
  • modem card Ambit
  • Mini PCI modem

Linux driver

You need the "martian-modem" driver.  Support packages for 2.6.n kernels are at:

Always use the most up-to-date driver for kernels after 2.6.20, currently martian-full-20080625.tar.gz.  For kernels 2.6.20 and less, use martian-full-20080407.tar.gz.

Before downloading the source tarball and compiling it yourself, check with your distribution.  They may already have it packaged for you.  Look for package names beginning with "martian-modem".

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