Lenovo Family Cloud

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This is a software that works to share your multimedia (pictures, videos) files on your network across several devices. It can also be refereed as "LiveStorage"

The Server side works on Windows, the client works on Android and iOS.

Software Supported

  • Windows 10 64bits - Server
  • Android - Clienet
  • iOS - Client

Required Hardware

  • Lenovo K450e
  • Lenovo H30-05, H50-05, H50-55
  • ideacentre 200-01IBW
  • ideacentre 300-20ISH, 300-20IBR, 300S-11IBR
  • ideacentre 510S-08ISH
  • ideacentre 610S-02ISH
  • ideacentre 710-25ISH
  • ideacentre AIO 700-22ISH, AIO 700-24ISH, AIO 700-24AGR