Installing Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) on a ThinkPad T43p

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Items that work out of the box

  • Hibernation
  • Wireless
  • Sound from speakers and headphoenes. Note that no notification is displayed when adjusting volume because of this bug
  • TrackPoint
  • TouchPad
  • Volume Buttons
  • Fn button
    • Screen Brightnesss
    • Display Switch
    • ThinkLight
    • Toggeling Status of wireless radio and bluetooth
    • etc

Items that may require tweaking

Configuring the TrackPoint

configure-trackpoint can be used to adjust the TrackPoint's sensitivity, speed and other settings. Since configure-trackpoint depends on sysfsutils, run...

sudo apt-get install sysfsutils

...before installing it's deb file from here. Run it using...

sudo configure-trackpoint

Vertical Scrolling by TrackPoint's Middle-button

In Ubuntu clicking the TrackPoint's middle-button pastes instead of scrolling vertically. To fix this, vertical scrolling must be enabled and paste by middle-button must be disabled the for the TrackPoint. Create mouse-wheel.fdi in "/etc/hal/fdi/policy/" using something like...

sudo gedit "/etc/hal/fdi/policy/mouse-wheel.fdi"

...and enter the following into it...

<match key="info.product" string="TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint">
 <merge key="input.x11_options.EmulateWheel" type="string">true</merge>
 <merge key="input.x11_options.EmulateWheelButton" type="string">2</merge>
 <merge key="input.x11_options.YAxisMapping" type="string">4 5</merge>
 <merge key="input.x11_options.XAxisMapping" type="string">6 7</merge>
 <merge key="input.x11_options.Emulate3Buttons" type="string">true</merge>
 <merge key="input.x11_options.EmulateWheelTimeout" type="string">200</merge>

Configuring Bluetooth

Bluetooth is turned on at startup regardless of previous settings because of this bug. This uses energy and reduces battery-life. It is a good idea to fix this if you rarely use Bluetooth. To do this open "/etc/init.d/rc.local" by...

sudo gedit "/etc/init.d/rc.local"

...and append...

echo disable > /proc/acpi/ibm/bluetooth the file. Settings will take effect after restarting the machine.

Hard Drive Active Protection System

The hard drive active protection system was enabled using these instructions.