Installing Mandriva Linux on a ThinkPad T20

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Mandriva 2006

Upgrading from 2005 LE to 2006

Although the installer ran without incident, look out for several issues to address:

  • Several things quit working until I switched to the 2.6.11 kernel that was installed. Notably, sound didn't work and the trackpointer didn't work. You can use drakboot to change the default corner, or command line jockeys can edit /etc/lilo.conf
  • The DVD drive could not be located. It was being sought at /mnt/cdrom but really existed at /mnt/cdrom2. Rebooting seemed to fix this.
  • My Orinico wireless card quit working. It was being recognized at "eth0" now instead of "eth1". Copying my settings from the eth1 configuration to the eth0 configuration fixed that.
  • The "Suspend" option had disappeared from the KLaptop menu. It was necessary to go into the "Configure KLaptop" dialog and re-setup the "helper applications".
  • Selecting "ondemand" as a Performance Profile seems to have no effect, through KLaptop or on the command line. It would be nice to solve this for better life.

( A Debian user had the same issue.)

Mandriva 2005 LE


Mandriva controls suspend/resume preferences through the file /etc/sysconfig/suspend. It is a well-commented text file. Here are two options I set that seemed to help make sound continue working after a suspend on the T20:

SOUND_MODULES="sb uart401 sound soundcore maestro cs4281 snd-cs46xx"

I'm not sure if all the sound modules in this list are necessary. I added snd-cs46xx to the list because I knew it was the one I was using.

From the Mandrake Control Center, I configured one specific Thinkpad-specific option for the sound driver. I entered the "Hardware" area and then selected the sound card and clicked "Configure Module". One of the options is labeled simply "thinkpad". I set it to "1".

Screen Locking after Suspend

My screen always came back locked after I suspended, and I couldn't figure out how to turn that off at first. That preference is also in /etc/sysconfig/suspend and is named LOCK_XFREE.

I set it to "no", but can still lock the screen if I want by using the Klaptop "Lock & Suspend..." option

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