Installing AIGLX&Compiz

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Installation of AIGLX/Compiz on X60s (model 1704-69U)

What works out of the box

  • AIGLX functions appropriately, as does Compiz - though it must be activated using the cube shaped system tray icon.
  • So far, all activated plugins have functioned as expected
  • Performance is excellent; easily comparable with native X/Metacity

What needs to be fixed

  • Suspend: Compiz is apparently unable to handle suspend at this time. Options are to a.) use the system tray icon for Compiz Manager to deactivate Compiz / reenable Metacity prior to suspend, or b.) handle this automatically via script [1]


  • There are many approaches to installing AIGLX/Compiz; thus far, the only one seeming to function for the x60s is located here