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ATI drivers for Linux

Linux ATI driver for Radeon, FireGL and Mobility boards

How much is the speed gain versus the opensource drivers?

Project Homepage / Availability



Current version: 8.12.10 (7th April 2005)

Problems & Help

Driver Version 8.8.25: The following patch may be needed for kernels >= 2.6.10: http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33798874

Driver Version 8.8.25: For kernels >= 2.6.11-rc1 try the following patch: http://www.gehirn.org.uk/wiki/images/8.8.25-kernel-2.6.11+.patch

If the ATI driver works only without the hardware acceleration, take into consideration that fglrx_dri.so was linked against libstdc++.so.5 which may not be present if your system uses gcc-3.4. To fix this, compile gcc-3.3.5 and copy libstdc++.so.5* to /usr/lib and update the dynamic linker cache.

Troubles using software suspend : when the computer comes back of suspend, X only displays a garbaged image and the computer is frozen. You have to install vbetool and use it to save/restore the video card state. If you use swsusp2 scripts you just have to uncomment "EnableVbetool yes" in /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf. Tested with kernel 2.6.10, Debian packaged ATI drivers and swsusp2 patch on a IBM Thinkpad T42p.


Useful links

  • Unofficial community ATI bugzilla Very newly setup (!) bugzilla, which might grow to be a source for information about ATI bugs. Might then be monitored by ATI guys ([1], [2]). We will see how this develops.