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The ExpressCard slot is a PC Card slot, that is not backwards compatible with the 32-bit CardBus or 16-bit PCMCIA standard. On some models, this slot can be determined by an "X" on the blue eject button, differentiated from the concave "O" on the PC Card eject button.

There are 2 physical formfactors, ExpressCard/54 and ExpressCard/34. The numbers refer to the width of the ExpressCard in milimeters.
Electronically ExpressCards can be implemented as either PCI-Express or USB.

ExpressCard/54 slots can accept ExpressCard/34 cards, but not the other way around.

T43 ExpressCard Slot

Linux support

ExpressCard adapters are handled either by the Linux PCI subsystem as hotplug PCI-Express adapters, or by the USB subsystem (depending on the adapter card).

Models featuring this Technology


ExpressCard/34 (using an adapter)