Damage in 56W AC-Adapter, plastic housing melted

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IBM has reported in March 2005 that some 56W adapters manufactured by Delta Electronics Inc. may suffer overheat, resulting in melting of adapter housing and charring of the circuit board inside the housing.

Only one AC-adapter part number is affected: P/N 02K6549 (See photograph here). No other IBM ThinkPad AC adapters are affected.

Laptops that originally carry this AC-adapter are:

  • ThinkPad i Series 1200/1300 (Machine Types 1161, 1171, 2666, 2667)
  • ThinkPad i Series 1400/1500 (Machine Types 2621, 2651)
  • ThinkPad i Series 1700 (Machine Type 2627)
  • ThinkPad 240 (Machine Type 2609, 2612)
  • ThinkPad 390 (Machine Types 2624, 2626)
  • ThinkPad s Series (Machine Types 2638, 2639).

(but you may be also using this 56W adapter with other ThinkPad models!!).

If your AC adapter is P/N 02K6549, IBM will replace the AC adapter, free of charge; just follow this link: IBM AC Adapter Replacement Program.

For more information:

Link from IBM

Link from Lenovo