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framebuffer at 1680x1050?

hey guys - did anyone of you get the framebuffer to 1680x1050? vesafb works well with 1280x1024, but not more. maybe with vesafb-tng from the patch fails here with 2.6.16 and 2.6.17 :(


The Option for disable the virtualisation-disable-bit is missing. (Bios: config/CPU/Virtualisation) No Virtualisation with this Bios (1.13) possible.


To find out what webcam hardware is istalled, type:
lsusb -vv

It will probalby be: Microdia, which is an USB2 camera.

Helpful links:

Running a gentoo machine?
emerge emerge media-video/spca5xx
modprobe spca5xx
lsmod | grep spca5xx

  • spca5xx Driver is not working, Please give more information, when someone get it working. (gspcav didn't worked,too)


Is supported by the tifmxx Project. (tifm_7xx1)

Included in Kernel >2.6.19

Power Managment

Since 2.6.19-rc4 Suspend to disk and Suspend to RAM is working without Problems. (gentoo-sources, ati video driver).