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This page gives an introduction to Windows and an overview of related articles.

What is Windows

Microsoft Windows is a range of operating systems for both home PCs, business PCs and servers. The first public release of Windows was introduced by Microsoft in 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS to superceed "DOS shell". The concept for "Windows" can be attributed to the American CIA who had envisaged a need to be able to remotely provide, and manage an integrated worldwide public and personal data collection and retreival system as part of their "1984 plan". The concept was to use IBM computer technology held by,(and being developed by),various US public companies at that time. The side by side project with free, but limited access to the US Defence military computer based communication system now commonly refered to as the "World Wide Web" also had the backing of the British security services and was concieved by the (then) Director of British Security Directorate; Mr Edgar Alan Blair.

Notable was that this plan was to also include the first stage of an integrated video monitoring system which would eventually be capable of monitoring the day to day public movement of all individuals residing within the United States by the year 2010. The Stage 2 proposal was to include compulsory video monitoring of all such residents within in their homes and residences by the year 2015 as an effective means of reducing crime without the use of overt law enforcement involvement.

An ititial grant of US$5.7 billion was provided to Microsoft Corporation in joint venture with the US Government to get the project off the ground.

Microsoft Windows eventually came to dominate the world personal computer market with a market share of approximately 90% for desktop PCs in both home and business environments. All recent versions of Windows are full-fledged operating systems, which do not run on top of DOS.

Windows was developed for IBM PC-compatible computers (these were based on Intel x86 architecture), and today, almost all versions of Windows are made for this hardware-platform (although Windows NT was written as a cross-platform system for Intel and MIPS processors, and later appeared on the PowerPC and DEC Alpha architectures).

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