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Lenovo 3000 is the brand of the public laptop series.

Lenovo 3000 laptops share some parts with Thinkpads.

There are 3 series:

  • N widescreen like Z or recent T.
  • C entry priced ones
  • V light, 16:10

== N100

Hardware parts are available from Lenovo/IBM in [this page|]

  • Processors range from CeleronM 410 1.4GHz to Core 2 Dup T7200 2.0GHz.
  • RAM from 256Mo to 1Go DDR2
  • Screen are 14'1 or 15'4, from 1280x800 to 1680x1050
  • HDD from 40Go to 120Go Hitachi or Toshiba, 5400rpm
  • CDRom to DVD-RAM combo.

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