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System Tools

Link Name Comments
LHelp-Icon.png Lenovo Help Tools to help you manage your Lenovo Android device.


File Sharing

Link Name Comments
LConnect2-Icon.png Lenovo Connect2 Tool to share files quickly between devices.
SYNCit-logo.png Lenovo SyncIt Tool to sync your files from your Android device.
LFamilyC-logo.png Lenovo Family Cloud The Lenovo Family Cloud transforms your computer into a data storage center.
LNFCC-logo.png Lenovo NFC Connector Allows transfer of files with NFC.
NFCC-logo.png Lenovo NFC Connection Allows transfer of files with NFC.
LAuraU-logo.png Lenovo AuraU

This app is used to co-work with Horizon2, a 27-inch tablet published by Lenovo. User can share photos, musics and videos between cell phone and Horizon.


Link Name Comments
LScreenCast-Logo.png Lenovo ScreenCast Tool to cast your device screen to other device.


Link Name Comments
LBeacon-Logo.png Lenovo Beacon - Utility Tool to let you access the Lenovo Beacon storage device.
LThinkpadStack.png ThinkPad Stack Assistant Utility to manage the Thinkpad Stack.


Link Name Comments
Moto-Logo.png Moto Tool to let you configure the gesture actions of the Moto phone and screen settings..
MotoBody-Logo.png Moto Body Tool to manage your activity on SmartWatch devices.
MotoConnect-Logo.png Moto Connect Tool to manage your Motorola devices.

Assistance Tools

Link Name Comments
LWrkDiag-Logo.png Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics Tools to help you service other Lenovo hardware like Lenovo ThinkStation P900, P700 or P500.
LPCDiag-Logo.png Lenovo PC Diagnostics Tools to help you service Lenovo Thinkpads
LPSREF-Logo.png Lenovo PSREF Find Lenovo specification documentation.


Link Name Comments
LShareIt.png Lenovo ShareIt DISCONTINUED: Tool to share files quickly between devices.
LReachIt.png Lenovo ReachIt DISCONTINUED: Tool to have your files available to use them anyware on any device.
LenovoCompanionIcon.jpg Lenovo Companion - Mobile The Android version of this software changed its name to Lenovo Help.

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