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* [[UltraBase X6 Tablet]]
* [[UltraBase X6 Tablet]]
[[Category:Ultrabay Devices]]

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Advanced Ultrabay Battery II

This is a battery pack that slides into a Serial Ultrabay Slim, Ultrabay Slim or Enhanced with power interfacing pins.


  • Battery specification: 2.7Ah, 10.8V, 29.16Wh
  • Battery cell count: Three, 3.6V lithium-ion polymer prismatic cell
  • Battery run time: up to 2.3 hours
  • Battery charge time: up to 4.6 hours
  • Weight: 235 grams or 0.52 pounds

Advanced Ultrabay Battery

Part numbers

  • 43R8891, 43R9250

Usage and Linux support

See How to use Ultrabay batteries.

Models supporting this accessory