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Sorry but this info is really not linux related, but specific to Thinkpads though.

Access Connection

Access Connection is the tool that Thinkvantage (by lenovo) offers to easilly switch network connections (Ethernet or wireless).

The latest ThinkVantage Access Connections for Windows 2000 and XP - Notebooks (Version: 4.12 Release Date: 2006/04/21) does not work well with the WLAN drivers provided by Lenovo for the T42 with Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2200bg (and perhaps other notebooks?).

Unfortunately both the latest drivers and the latest Access Connection are automatically installed by Thinkvantage System Update, leaving you with a disabled WLAN wifi card.

Below a cookbook how I got things working again (after about 8 hours of effort). You need the folowing tools:

  • The driver instalation as installed by lenovo (v9.0.4.13)
  • the driver instalation as installed by Intel (v9.0.4.17)


  • Deinstall all wlan drivers that you can find. Sometimes I see both a IBM provided application packagen and a Thinkvantage provided package
  • Reboot
  • Install the lenovo drivers (after deinstalling, running the System Update will pick the correct ones)
  • Reboot
  • Now my Access Connection shows the WLAN but can't enable it
  • extract the Intel drivers (wireless_10.5.0.0_generic_119670.exe)
  • Open Network connections, open the wlan adapter, configure the fysical adapter, select driver tab (version should show v9.0.4.13)
  • Select update Driver
  • Do not searc for drivers
  • Install from specific location
  • Do not search disk
  • Have disk
  • use driver in c:\intel\wireless...\XP\Drivers\
  • reboot

I wish everybody having this problem the best of luck,