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    <allpages apcontinue="Backing_up_the_preloaded_OS" />
      <p pageid="8252" ns="0" title="BDC slot" />
      <p pageid="735" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade" />
      <p pageid="5190" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade/X Series" />
      <p pageid="5183" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade:Creating a Bootable CD from a Floppy Image" />
      <p pageid="7305" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade Booting from a CD comments" />
      <p pageid="3990" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade Downloads" />
      <p pageid="5128" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade With only USB" />
      <p pageid="7306" ns="0" title="BIOS Upgrade success failure" />
      <p pageid="8032" ns="0" title="BIOS Version" />
      <p pageid="5792" ns="0" title="BIOS update without optical disk" />